5th Avenue & Bryant Park, New York

11 Oct

5th Avenue!! Where Tiffany’s, Plaza Hotel and all the upscale stores are located! This is truly New York experience. What you saw in the movies, you really get it in real!

My favourite spot here (well actually it’s not really located exactly at 5th Ave, but nearby..) is BRYANT PARK!! Love the atmosphere,  how people are jumbled up and simply relax, read or do other stuffs. Awesome!! I love NY when it comes to their Bryant Park!


i think this is the church where catherine 'mtv VJ' got married...

the place where Donald Trump says 'You got fired!"

The famous Tifannys!


Breakfast (or actually... standing) at Tifanny's

inside of the tifanny's (yes, you can JUST take pictures and go out)

one of Tiffany's jewelries

if you watched 'Home Alone 2'.. This is Plaza Hotel!!

the inside of Plaza Hotel (I was lucky that I could get in!!)


me! (I was so nervous.. and I forgot to smile and look good hahahha...)

my other fav spot in NY.. BRYANT PARK!!! Love to hang out here one day!

look at those huge crowd of people

Reading Room.. U can borrow and read the books here, but u have to return it. You may not listen to music or chat too loud. Simply just READ!

under shady trees


2 Responses to “5th Avenue & Bryant Park, New York”

  1. ze October 13, 2010 at 6:31 am #


    Reading Room: NICE!!! Really want to try that one! but seriously you CAN’T listen to music? even if you use your earphone?

    The Plaza: hieh..wish can spend some days on that hotel 😀 that would be fantastic!! But what do you mean you got lucky you can get in?

    the others…they’re just marvelous!!!

    • chocomoccacino October 14, 2010 at 1:56 am #

      I dunno.. I think what they mean is loud music.. But I remember they said no music… at all!

      The Plaza: I was lucky.. cause my friend thought we were not allowed to go in… since u know we were so under dressed. But I gave it a try on the next day (without shame huahahhaha)

      tx xe.. M n M’s world is coming now.. hihihi

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