New York Public Library

12 Oct

This library is exceptionally gorgeous that I just have to make its own special post. The most beautiful library I’ve ever been!!! It feels like in Harry Potter’s movie too hahahaa…

However, I feel bad for the people who came here to read books.. Tourists just came in to this supposed-to-be-quiet place and clicked here, clicked there taking as many pictures as possible.. I dared to say that some eyebrows were raised regarding the tourist’s active behaviour hahaha.. (well I’m one of those tourist who was just fascinated by the architecture and did the same!! Huahahaha)

Enjoy! (especially for the fan of Library and Harry Potter)


gorgeous lamp!



i love classic stairs and pillars



standing high up there.. btw, this is the scene location of 'sex and the city 1' if i'm not mistaken.. The part she got married




a very detailed ceiling



love the circular window



gorgeous chandelier..



look how spacious is that..



2 Responses to “New York Public Library”

  1. ze October 13, 2010 at 6:38 am #

    OMG!! Yes I LOVE this place (though I never been there :D)! I think if I ever go to the NY Public Library, first think I’ll do is gasp (rather loudly), clasp my hand (or cover my mouth because I’ll open my mouth in AWE), and turn around to look, really LOOK, at my surroundings, then get the camera out, and start to take some (many) pictures. After the shock (or awe) has gone, then I’ll enter where all the books are, and start all over again hahahaha…

    The pictures really help me to see all the grand and the beauty of the building. And all those books!! OMG!

    This place is just made the list of places I want to see!

    Thank Ger for the pictures!

    • chocomoccacino October 14, 2010 at 1:52 am #

      Hahahhaa.. Yup.. That’s basically what I did.. minus the looking book part..

      You really shud go there! I would love to come here again and read books hahha.. maybe reading witch book?? ROFL…!!!

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