Eataly Cafe! Love this!

19 Oct

Most of my New York visited places are out of plan.. So did this one. I didn’t even know this supermarket/gelato/restaurant exists. Thank to my friend, Rosita, who said that this new place was owned by famous chef Mario Battaglia and seems to be a nice place.. (I hope that’s the right name).. Since I was around the neighbourhood, so I dropped in.

The name was Eataly—combination of Eat and Italy. It was pretty cool. I like it.. (especially I am a big fan of Italian food) It’s like a big Italian traditional  market, but you can also sit to enjoy some food, buy breads, eat some gelato. The place consists lots of stuffs. And… they have good gelato!!! Personally, I don’t like gelato.. But when I tried their gelato.. I fell in love with it.. especially with the HAZELNUT flavour.. It’s a must eat flavour.. LOVE IT!!! I ordered two scoops with Hazelnut and choco flavour  (which was far than enough)

I also enjoy their interior’s industrial feel combined with a modern rustic Italian market. If I ever go back to NY, this is another place that I would love to go to plus to try their cheese selection. They have a good location too on 5th Avenue.. and as you can see, there’s  a huge crowd coming here.. Well.. they are the new-kids-on-the-block. Hope they will be around for long time…

One thing I love from NY is their upscale and trendy supermarkets! Besides Eataly, they also have Dean & Deluca, Gourmet Garage (which I found my fav drink—but can’t find it at any other places) etc. I do think supermarket should be part of your need to go places. Trust me, you won’t regret it!!!

i like this cute trolley!!


believe it or not.. these cakes start at $7.. one of the most expensive ones..

yummy truffles..


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