All about NEW YORK (1) everyday’s life

21 Oct

New York is a very dynamic city. People walk and walk and walk… (sigh) Since it’s a big melting pot city, New York has many different atmospheres, depends on where you are going to. My favourite part would be the West Village and Gramercy. Plus Time Square and 5th Avenue, not too forget.

I’ve seen more people from other continents here, unlike any of other American cities which make New York more interesting (as was told by my New Yorker friend, Mika).. She and her husband Josh also said that most people came to New York to be successful (I think that’s pretty much the same like the city where I came from, Jakarta)

However, there are some laid back people and areas too… Like I said, it depends which place you are travelling to.

Here are some shots of the daily life. It mite not tell everything about it, but you can get a sneak peek to what are they doing during weekdays. Also, actually there are so many beautiful women in New York.. Unfortunately, I was too shy to take their pix.. (^^) So, maybe someday you can come and experience it by yourselves! ENJOY!!






























gorgeous outdoor lunch place!

2 Responses to “All about NEW YORK (1) everyday’s life”

  1. zenia October 27, 2010 at 7:01 am #

    i think what’s great about NY (from the pictures) is that they have lots of place where you can just sit down and enjoy the view or the surrounding around you. and if you leave the seats today, tomorrow when you go back, the seats will still be there, not going to be ‘disappear’ because someone thinking to take the seat and use it as his/her own seat at home (or…maybe someone did that too :D) and they have the huge sidewalks so people can really walk!

    hieh…kapan jakarta punya trotoar yang lebar-lebar seperti itu? bukan hanya di sudirman-thamrin doang…(wishful thinking)

    • chocomoccacino October 28, 2010 at 3:15 am #

      Huahahhaa… No.. dun think jkt will have it.. We have more cars xe.. LOL… otherwise, they need to cut down more trees…

      Yeah u certainly can sit (literally just sit.. without paying starbucks hahaha…)

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