Beautiful Sausalito

27 Oct
Finally back in SF after a long waiting for delayed flight. The next day, my sis and I went to Sausalito. Actually I wanted to call off the trip, but she encouraged me.. and I didn’t regert!! Thanks sis!!! LOL…
Sausalito is a beautiful coastal city near SF. We took a ferry to go there and along the way, we could see my fav bridge, Bay Bridge from afar. I like this bridge more than GG Bridge bcuz whenever I came back after visiting  my friend in other part of the  bridge, I could always see the skyline of SF. And at that moment I felt… Ahhh, home sweet home. Also, when we passed the bridge, we could the hanging metal strings of the bridge. It was really cool!!! I wish I can take the pic!
Anw, back to Sausalito… I liked taking  ferry trip. Anything about boat, sailing boats, ocean and wind.. I LOVE IT!!! However, this was one of those tiring day (again.. sigh) Since we planned to eat in this Jap restaurant, SUSHI RAN. We asked people and then we walked, and walked, walked.. (never trust when people said it was only 2 block away, you could see it, ten minutes away, bla bla bla…) You pretty much need to google it first to estimate how long and how much energy you will need.
Yes, and we walked until finally we found it!!! BUT… the place was C.L.O.S.E.D… Aaarrrgghhhh. This was the second time that it happened to me (The first time was also a sushi restaurant but in SF.. and there would be the last one by the same restaurant)
So, it only opened for dinner.. Sadly, we walked back to the street and decided to get a bus. We thought the bus fare would cost less than $2. but we were so shocked when we put our ‘clipper’ card, it said $5… Then we asked around and thought carefully.. Maybe this was not a local bus.. maybe this was a city transfer bus (SF-Sausalito) It turned out we were right.. So we still could get off and get on later to go back to SF.
Well, that was one good thing.. so we didn’t have to walk to the ferry place.. Though I was planning to take more pictures of the Ferry Building. Oh well…
We got off at this Italian Restaurant, Poggio (you can view their web here) cause they were listed as Top 100 restaurant. As usual, I was either too HUNGRY or excited that I didn’t take any pic when I eat.. LOL.. sorry.. But I’ve browsed some pic. You can read the restaurant review at Food Nut (they also have SUSHI RAN.. Mann,, their food looks yummy!!) And thanks to ash2276 and italy in SF for their pictures.
We had two main course (i think the pasta was taglietelle and meat loaf ) The portion was super generous that we decided we only ate one course and saved the other one for my lunch tomorrow.
My sis actually loved their bread and butter (the butter was poggio homemade) It was very delicious!! I guess everything happened for a reason.. Otherwise, we would never try Poggio. Their dessert also won some awards, but we were too full to try it.
Overall, it was a good day and good trip. Though tired, we enjoyed the day. Thanks again sis hahaha…!!! Anw, here are some shots.. Hope u like it!!!
(PS: This is actually my 2nd time writing all of this.. since the first one, I deleted it by mistake.. *sigh* even after the trip, this ‘sausalito’ post still makes me tired…LOL. But I’m glad that I can finish my second time hahaha.. I just got to share this one with you all… )

Sausalito… my future house location (huahahahah)
According to Fengshui, it’s good to have a house ‘sitting on a mountain, looking at the ocean’ Well in my opinion, of course it’s good.. Cause if you already have this house, you must be very wealthy. Houses this type cost a lot of fortune!
SF Skyline… That’s Transamerica Building.. the tallest one
My sis’s masterpiece.. a pic near a trash can.. LOL
I love this one.. Pretty.. This was where we tried to find SUSHI RAN
Poggio’s delicious bread and butter

2 Responses to “Beautiful Sausalito”

  1. zenia October 27, 2010 at 7:15 am #

    i’ll pray that you’ll get your dream house…so that i can visit and stay with you hahahaha

    • chocomoccacino October 28, 2010 at 3:11 am #

      Yes.. yes.. agree.. hahha.. i don’t mind people staying.. So pray i have the house with 5 or more rooms.. with maid also.. Huahahha..

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