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North beach stores…

1 Nov
Still in the north beach area.. They have many interesting and lovely stores here.. One of them is Crown & Crumpet.. I love it.. Their design is like a small tea house.. Very cute, girly and chic!!! Any little girl will love to come here…

North Beach

1 Nov
Back in SF, I’m happy to see that blue sky, green grass and bright sunlight… (most of the days that I visited here, the sun was a little too bright…hick3 ) But wherever you go, especially if there’s a small crowd resting and relaxing, you somehow can feel the warmth.
So did this place, North Beach. I came here before.. but never explore much. And it turned out to be a lovely place, perfect for lazying or simply people watching. If you are an ocean type person, but feels that ocean is too far, you can come here instead. It also has small sand and water area. The air smells the same too. Plus, you can also get the beautiful view of the lush green field. And some queuing up tourists hahaha.. Some of them are cute though..
love this view a lot!!!
I love this pic series.. Never took this kind of pictures before..
ehmm.. pse don’t tell the girl i took this pic.. LOL
You can also view GG Bridge from here..
just relax and enjoy the breeze…
nice combination of 2 of my fav things… green field and ocean!!

Golden Gate Bridge viewed from North Beach

1 Nov
Believe it or not, this is teh first time I’ve been to this area.. It turned out that you could get magnificent view from here. I loved it so much!! Especially the time that I went there was almost dawn (or dusk??) so the sky colour was super nice.. Here are some pic. And tell me what you think..!!

This one is my fav!! Love the colour result!!
This one.. I feel like I’m takingĀ  a postcard pic.. LOL
Ohhh.. love this view so much!!! I feel that I can jump right into the ocean.. hahhaa.. but someone pse save me..

Birthday cakes!!!

1 Nov
First time birthday with 5 different cake slices!!! Presented by my sis.. We bought it at Cafe Madeleine, SF. Why I said ‘we’?? Cuz I chose the cakes LOL.. They were pretty delicious!!! Opera was my favourite!! And below, you can see how my sis tried to fit all the letters in one small slice of cake.. She did pretty good job.. hahahhaa… I forgot most of the names actually.. But I’ll try..
I think this one is chocolate cake


strawberry shortcake



Opera.. Look at the details!


This one.. mmm I know the yellow one is banana plus strawberry.. And the strawberry.. I forgot the name!!! LOL.. Or maybe this one is strawberry shortcake.. hahaha…




Btw.. as the bday girl.. I was the one who took all these pics.. (sigh..)


This one is Kinder Bueno’s happy hippo.. My sis fav snack. The shape is really cute and inetresting


Look at the mouth!! Full of chocolate.. hahaha..


Isn’t he so cute???? Cute hippo!!! It tastes pretty good, too..


SF Westfield Mall

1 Nov
After Sausalito, we rode the bus to the new mall in SF.. The Westfield Mall.. It was a pretty nice mall.. I liked their food court a lot. The design was very modern, like most of big city’s food court LOL.. Well here are some shots.. It’s not much due to tiredness. But good enough… Enjoy!