North Beach

1 Nov
Back in SF, I’m happy to see that blue sky, green grass and bright sunlight… (most of the days that I visited here, the sun was a little too bright…hick3 ) But wherever you go, especially if there’s a small crowd resting and relaxing, you somehow can feel the warmth.
So did this place, North Beach. I came here before.. but never explore much. And it turned out to be a lovely place, perfect for lazying or simply people watching. If you are an ocean type person, but feels that ocean is too far, you can come here instead. It also has small sand and water area. The air smells the same too. Plus, you can also get the beautiful view of the lush green field. And some queuing up tourists hahaha.. Some of them are cute though..
love this view a lot!!!
I love this pic series.. Never took this kind of pictures before..
ehmm.. pse don’t tell the girl i took this pic.. LOL
You can also view GG Bridge from here..
just relax and enjoy the breeze…
nice combination of 2 of my fav things… green field and ocean!!

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