Some favourite food

20 Dec

This is one of my favourite food! First time I tried cheese platter with meat and fig jam. I fell in love so much that I was so happy we have fig jam here in Jakarta. Unfortunately, cheese price are.. well a bit expensive.. But as usual, I forgot this lovely restaurant name in New York.. though I love the place so much. I also ate gnocchi with pesto! Hahhaa (I’m sure someone will laugh at the pesto sauce)

This is mustard that you eat with meats and bread
And these are the cheese.. I remembered they were Gouda, Emmenthal, Brie.. The other two I forgot. Hahaha.. But they were so delicious.. I still want more!!
I love this vio drink tropical colada.. They taste like they want to be— like ice cream. Perfect for  a hot weather in New York. Unfortunately, I could only found them in Gourmet Garage Supermarket New York. Nowhere else..!! Aahhh..
MAOZ!!!!!! It’s  vegetarian falafel! I love it so much and still miss it until today. The belgian fries are great too!! Definitely a must try!! First tiem I think that carrot is delicious… Hahaha….
Visit their website for more info!
My welcome food in NY, the famous Lombardi’s Pizza. Meatball toppings.. Ooh I want more….
Panya Bakeries!!! Love their melon pan, cappucino pan and cookies!!
Though I can’t provide you guys enough pic, but here are some links to another great food that I’ve tried during my trip Somehow,  whenever I ate, I enjoyed it too much that I forgot to take pictures.. LOL…
San Fran’s cheesecake factory: a beautiful place with great desserts. Though my sis and I only order a slice  a cake, they still gave us a basket of bread.. Very nice, huh??
San Fran’s Creperie ST. Germain: I always have a thing for crepes. And this crepes is the best of all. Because it’s  a healthy crepes!! Made of buckwheat, so you don’t have to worry bout your calorie and cholesterol.. I want more of these too…
Jamba Juice: favourite drink of all time.. Peopla say don’t miss sumemr without your sunblock, I say don’t miss summer without JAMBA! Get the POWER size!!! LOL
San Fran’s Osha Thai resto: Great ambiance with great food
Other great San Fran’s food:
Thanh long Crab house: Great crab, Great garlic rice!
Tofu Village:  Authentic Korean dishes, love their beef soup!!
Chinatown’s Napoleon Egg tart: the best egg tart!!!!!!
Monterey clam chowder: Rich, creamy and addictive
and many more….
So, whenever you come to these cities, you know what you’re looking for… See ya next time!!!

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