Special post: eat n love (friends n food..)

20 Dec
One of the main purpose of my visit was to meet my friends!!! We haven’t seen each other more than 7 years, so it was thrill that I managed to see them all. Too bad, some of them I didn’t get chance to take picture with. But thanks to all of them, I had a great trip!!! Wish to see you guys again one day…YEY!

Deep thanks to (in no particular order… *.*)

San Francisco:
Brenda, John, Elizabeth & William
Aline & Masa, Cindy & hubby
New York:
Mika, Josh & Kai


DESIGNERS GATHERING.. We had a great design conversation besides a great dinner at Village Yokocho, New York. First time my friend, Mika and I fell in love with radish sprout. We had this amazing boiled tako served with it and it tasted so delicious that I still have a crave of it until today.. LOL.. Plus I finally ate one of my favourite dishes, enoki and beef. YEY!

This pic was taken at Cha House, a Japanese Tea House. Very nice place. Though I had a funny experience. Since the place was very dim light, when I went to the bathroom, I was shocked by the automatic toilet that could open its lid by itself. For a moment, I really thought there was a ghost or human inside. ROFL…..Other than that, the place was fabulous…

This was taken from google search — Village Yokocho, Lower East Side, New York.

This next one was my last night in NY. So Mika, Josh and Kai took me to a nice italian restaurant… which I forgot the name… LOL

Little cute and adorable Kai!!…
Kai never liked to be taken pictures by anyone else, except his parents. But I managed to take this good shot!! YEYYY….
Kai had admirer instantly, as you can see.
This two pics were taken by Mika. The restaurant has great outdoor details!
Kai, taken by Mama Mika….
Calamari appetizer. We all loved the dried leaves… SOOO MUCHH…
Cheese balls.. forgot the real menu name.. hehehe..
I loved that little jacket. It certainly made Kai more handsome…
Mika and Josh…
The restaurant table. It will be perfect for your date!


Last night in San Francisco… Sushi with Mama Brenda

We were so happy to see this generous portion from Shimo Sushi (recommended by Aline.. Tx we really enjoyed it!) We were so full that we had trouble when we need to run to catch our bus… hahahhaa… Luckily we managed to catch it… The sashimi was the most generous portion I’ve ever eaten in my whole life with decent price too.

Mama Brenda and me..
I stole these pics from Mama Brenda’s archive.. These are her lovely Korean children..
Twin Peaks with Aline and Masa
On our last meeting, we had a great lunch at Hotei Japanese Restaurant, a relaxing stroll along Irving area. After that, we went to Twin Peaks. Believe or not, though I used to live in SF for some time, but that was my first time been there… So thanks to both of them, I could ‘cross out’ Twin Peaks from my need-to-go list.
Sweet couple Masa & Aline

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