As you mite already know, I am a graphic designer who love to travel a lot (but sometimes money hold my desire back.. hahahha… ) I enjoy great food and new experiences. Especially if there’s a water/extreme adventure!!

Actually,  I am not a big fan of blogging but I figure this is a great way to share my pics and story with you all. Soo… I am willing to go through a very long and torturing process….

” ….. resizing, uploading, typing, waiting, inserting pic, clicking ok, previewing, saving drafts, oopsss something missing…  editing, updating, oooppss there are some  double pics, again…  editing, erasing, emailing and finally, SMILING!….. ” >.<

In the end, when I look through my own blog, I am happy that I finally have a sweet recollection of my best adventures. Hope that you will enjoy as much as I did too!!!

Thanks to all of my families and friends for great support too! Some of your names will be mentioned in the pic’s caption. So, look carefully!! Hahahha…


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