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Quincy Market, Boston

7 Oct

I love this Quincy Market. It’s a tourist site packed with food and souvenirs!! I certainly felt the warmth and shopping mood here.. Hahaha.. Unfortunately, as usual I didn’t have enough time to capture some great images. But here are some that I got! I also ate one of the best sashimi here (after several days of lacking good food.. ^.^)


Cruise time BOSTON

6 Oct

Finally cruise time! I always like cruising! Cuz all you did was just sitting down (or standing), enjoying the cool breeze and viewing the beautiful skyline…

pathway entering the cruise


Boston skyline



enlightened by the sun



1x zoom



5x zoom



10x zoom



one more time... 1x zoom



5x zoom


10x zoom (testing my camera… hahahha)

Random shot from behind the glass

5 Oct

These are some random shots of Boston that I took from inside the bus. Some of them I think are particularly interesting. Enjoy!

Boston, my new love!!

5 Oct

I was particularly in love with Boston. The city has stunning old buildings combined with modern skycrapers. Mix of green trees and blue sky can be easily found here. There is just some charm left to this nice little city. All of these elements just made me dream to return to Boston someday. Hope the next time it happens, I will have plenty time to explore the city more.

MIT, Boston

5 Oct

MIT was short of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, another famous university. I like the great architecture here (as expected)It was exceptionally grand and beautiful.

love those pillars

Magnificent ceiling

The corridor was pretty much the same like the one I used to watch in the movie

Yes, they have anime club here

And yes, they have korean movie day

Love it!

pillars, pillars, pillars

pillars, pillars, pillars

pillars, pillars, pillars

love the architecture