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Museum of Modern Art, New York

12 Oct

MOMA! I love the inside of this museum, due to their high ceiling, open wide space and 4 or 5 storey high. Very modern and artistic. A bit different from the one in SF, but I think I like the one in NY better.. cause I love their outdoor gardens and spacious interior. Furthermore, I love their product design section. It was fun!

amazing space

MOMA outside gardenview


blocks of building can be seen here


fun product design!


this is very 'MOMA'

yes, there's a hanging chopper..

i love how the light hits the wall



Inspired by Night at the Museum

8 Oct

Have you watched ‘Night at the Museum 1″ yet? If yes, you mite recognize some of these characters.. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the rest of the characters. But anyway, here what I got from the Museum of Natural History, NY. Enjoy!


i fell in love with this walrus display!

if this is too dark, it's because the shark (or whale??) is eating the giant squid

Rex! The 'doggie' dinosaur!

me and Rex!

tom tom or dom dom or gom gom...

"Hmm are you drawing me?" says the chimpanzee...

well guys, this is roosevelt or 'teddy' believe it or not...

Metropolitan Museum of Art (2) Victorian Room

7 Oct

Even though I can’t go to Versailles yet.. This section of Victorian Room really entertained me a lot! Hope it will entertain you too…

Metropolitan Museum of Art (1)

7 Oct

MET is (up until now) the BEST MUSEUM I’ve ever been. The inside is so gorgeous, so does the exterior. Thanks to my friend’s (Mika) knowledge, we can get in here with a very inexpensive admission.

Museums in New York are certainly a must see and must do thing!!! I am very impressed that MET was so gorgeous, fantastic, beautiful and spectacular. I even threw a coin here in the ‘Egyptian’ section so that I can return to MET someday (and soon!! hahahha) I just love this museum so much!!!!

My favourite part of the museum are Victorian Rooms and American Wing Cafe. I will have a different post for the Victorian Rooms. So, wait up!


always love classic stuffs




beautiful sky.. I wish to have this roof for my house




This one was a rooftop view from the museum




a special exhibition 'bamboo'




American Wing Cafe area




in front of the Egyptian Area




I was amazed with this grand stair!



Guggenheim Museum, New York

7 Oct

Finally NEW YORK!!! I started with this marvelous architecture of Guggenheim Museum.

Random shots around The Corning Museum

4 Oct

Since I had extra time at Corning Museum, I decided to walk around and grab some random shots of interesting stuffs.

My favourite was the old brick house and modern chair inside the museum.

buffalo roof!

love this chair!

Fantastic Corning Museum of Glass

4 Oct

Before we went to Niagara Falls, we made a stop at this Corning Museum of Glass. It was a beautiful museum with many great artworks made of glasses. I love the colours,  shapes, forms even how they were presented. I found them very inspiring and since I had a good amount of time, I can share with you some of their fabulous designs.

Enjoy your glass experience!

(PS: I would also like to dedicate this post especially for my friend, Mika. “Hey, this is the place that I told you and promised to show you!!! Hope you will like it!)

a giant glass will greet you at the reception

Amazing artwork!

My favourite pieces from the store

Gorgeous frosted book!!! (PS: eva + zenia, u guys would love this!!!)

Christmas decorations!

me n pumpkin truck