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Special post: M n M’s World (2), New York

14 Oct

Although it’s a very long and torturing process uploading the pix, but I just got to finish it!!! Ganbatte!!!

Anw, here is the second part of M n Ms world…. enjoy, once again!







YEYYYY!! I’ve made it!!…

Okay.. see you next week for some last collection of New York! And I will feature my friends and food!!! Plus, will start on San Francisco section (it’s less than any other cities unfortunately.. oh well.. )


Special post: M n M’s World (1) New York

14 Oct


This post is special because it was requested by my friend, Zenia. If not, I would not plan to come here.. However, this place turned out to be SUPER FUN!!!! Btw, ze I remember u said there’s ‘disney chocolate’ here? I didn’t find it though. They only had round and round M n Ms…

The characters were so cute. I especially love their bathroom and elevator signage (huahahaha so me!!!) And some of their products were really interesting.  So thanks ze! LOL..

Have fun  with the pictures.. The second part of this post will come soon!


here I am, ruling NY!! Hohohohoho



yes, the big screen is a video...



john travolta!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!!!



M n M's chess---FUN!!!




detailed look-- I LOVE THIS!!! Huahahaha



the tourist one is fun!! hahaha...



I really turn the red M and M's so it will face the green one.. Huahahaha



gang of boys! (MEN TOILET)







flirty Ms. Liberty... (pssstt look at the yellow M n Ms)



sooo manyyyy chocolatesss....



OMG.. I love the lazy boy